The Blue Spruce Award 2014

Today, at one of Canada’s largest literary events, the Blue Spruce Awards are being announced for the age divisions JK – Grade 2 picture books. Following the Blue Spruce Award is the Silver Birch Award (Grades 3-6 fiction and non-fiction), the Red Maple Award (grades 7-8 fiction and non-fiction),and the White Pine Award (grades 9-12 fiction and non-fiction.)  These awards are given annually – except the Red Maple and the White Pine which are given every other year – and the winners are chosen by children. Schools across Canada vote for the winners from the list of nominees for their respective age groups. The following are all the excellent nominees for this year’s Blue Spruce Award and my book recommendations to you for the week.



A Good Trade: by Alma Fullerton, illustrated by Karen Patkau.





I Dare You Not to Yawn: by Hélène Boudreau, illustrated by Serge Bloch.





If You Hold a Seed: written and illustrated by Elly MacKay.





In the Tree House: by Andrew Larsen, illustrated by Dušan Petričić.






Mr. Zinger’s Hat: by Cary Fagan, illustrated by Dušan Petriči.





Oddrey: written and illustrated by Dave Whamond.






Sky Color: written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.






This is Not My Hat: Written and illustrated by Jon Klassen.



Uncle Wally’s Old Brown Shoe: Written and Uncle_Wally_Shoeillustrated by Wallace Edwards.




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