Ten Words I Didn’t Know II

Ten more great words!  Click here for the first post.

All definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary.

Antiphon: A versicle or sentence sung by one choir in response to another. A composition, in prose or verse, consisting of verses or passages sung alternately by two choirs in worship; anthem.

Ballast: Load, burden, freight. Any heavy material placed in the hold of a ship to weigh it down in the water and prevent it from capsizing when under sail or in motion.

Maudlin: Given to tears, lachrymose.

Nascent: That is about to be born or is in the act of being born or brought forth.

Objurgatory: Having the character of scolding or chiding; conveying or uttering a sharp rebuke, complaint, or criticism.

Refulgent: Shining with, or reflecting, a brilliant light; radiant, resplendent; gleaming, lustrous.

Solipsism: Excessive regard for oneself and one’s own interests, to the exclusion of others; preoccupation with oneself; extreme selfishness, self-centredness, or self-absorption; (also” an instance of this. Also in neutral sense: isolation, solitude.

Spasmodic: Of the nature of a spasm; characterized by spasms or convulsive twitches; marked by jerkiness or suddenness of muscular movement.

Unctuous: Of the nature or quality of an unguent or ointment; oily, greasy.

Undergird: To secure or fasten from the under-side, as by a rope or chain passed underneath.


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