A (very) short story I wrote. Stay tuned for a new book review by Monday and enjoy!

She came across it by accident one day when she strayed too far off the path into the knotted and tangled woods. It loomed large in front of her small frame, enveloping her with its massive size and weight. She didn’t know her way back to the path so she stayed.

On warm nights she cooed and caressed with fervent tongue and exploratory fingers. On cold nights she howled and growled in tones that were alternatively angry or full of sad pain. Days passed and maybe weeks or years. Sometimes she slept entwined in its bulky warmth. Other nights she slept face averted, not touching, keenly aware of their distance.

And then it was gone. She looked and looked, ripping her clothes on the clawing branches of the dark woods. Thorns clung to her ankles and a tree branch pierced the tender flesh just above her left breast. One day, while searching, she stumbled back onto the path and into her old life.

Time continued to pass in its interminable way until she had almost forgotten her adventure. Once in a while she vaguely reminisced and lingered on her memories in a misty sort of way. She remembered the time she got lost with a faint twinge of pain as she looked down at the small scar on her chest: her only tangible memory of love.


What do you think?

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