Hug Me

Hug Me is written and illustrated by Simona Ciraolo and published by Flying Eye Books in 2014.


Hug Me is the story of a little cactus named Felipe who just wants a hug. Felipe’s family is very aloof (and also very tall) and never show the little cactus any affection. Following an accidental injury to a troublesome balloon, Felipe is shunned by his relations and goes off to look for someone who will just give him a hug.

The illustrations in this book are quite cute and relatively interesting but they are certainly not spectacular. My favourite of the illustrations capture all kinds of cacti relatives who sprout from the pages, towering over Felipe.


Weirdly, the manic-looking balloon is very out of place in the otherwise decent quality drawings.


Unfortunately this story is pretty bland. I can’t imagine this book holding a child’s attention after the first read. I’ve already run out of critiques for this forgettable picture book.

Although I can’t say Hug Me has any particular merit, it is unique in it’s own way and therefore maybe worth some attention. Borrow from the library if you’re interested but this isn’t a story that needs to be read twice.


What do you think?

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