Dragons Love Tacos


According to Adam Rubin and illustrator Daniel Salmieri; dragons love tacos. I, however, reeeeaally don’t love this book.

Essentially, Dragons Love Tacos is an omniscient narrator instructing a nameless boy about… the kinds of tacos dragons love. Apparently they have a bad reaction to spicy salsa.


Of course, the boy eventually hosts a dragon taco party and accidentally gives the dragons spicy salsa which sets their mouths on fire and burns down the boys house. Luckily, the dragons are happy to help rebuild. The end.

I find this an extremely pedantic, boring, and pointless book. The text is bland and completely lacks plot and purpose. That being said, The New York Times review positively raved: “The dragons may screw up the party, but this book gets everything right.”

Illustrator Daniel Salmieri is the best thing about this picture book. Cartoonish yet quirky, Salmieri’s pencil and watercolour illustrations add huge character to an otherwise blank book. The illustrations convey more than the text ever does and the entire story can be gleaned simply with the pictures – the text is just an annoying distraction.


I don’t think there has ever been a less imaginative book about dragons. Of course, it is about dragons and it has engaging and cartoonish pictures, and a “funny” ending so I wouldn’t doubt it goes over well with children.


What do you think?

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