Leave Me Alone!

Written and illustrated by Vera Brosgol
Published by Roaring Book Press
Ages 4 – 7

Sometimes even grandmothers get fed up.



Winter is coming for an old woman and her many, many grandchildren. The cold means that the old woman has lots of knitting to do. But with dozens of curious grandchildren running around it’s hard to keep track of her balls of yarn.

Her grandchildren were very curious about her knitting:
Were you supposed to hit the ball with a stick?
Could you eat it?
Could you make your brother eat it?
Why did the ball get smaller and smaller as you chased it?

Eventually the old woman can’t take it anymore so she cleans the house, drinks some tea, packs up her things, and walks out the door shouting: “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

The old woman walks until she finds a seemingly secluded spot in the forest but she is soon greeted by a family of bears who are equally as curious about her knitting. The woman packs up again and again but just can’t seem to find some peace and quiet, until…


You’ll have to pick up a copy to see what happens next and I highly suggest you do. This book is excellent. Brosgol underplays the fantastic adventure perfectly and hilariously’ illustrates the many types of families the old woman encounters with a stark contrast between the animated colours of the earth and the black and white outlines of the wormhole. Taking from traditional Eastern European folklore and adding an original, postmodern, slightly sci-fi twist, Brosgol’s picturebook is absolutely fabulous.


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