Du Iz Tak?


Written and illustrated by Carson Ellis.
Published by Candlewick.

Du Iz Tak? is Carson Ellis’ newest picturebook and it is exceptional. Du Iz Tak? is told entirely in the made up dialogue of a group of insects:

Du iz tak?
Ma ebadow unk plonk.
Du kimma plonk?
Ma nazoot.

The words are strong and satisfying to read aloud and as the reader comes across repeated words and phrases this colourfully inventive language becomes decipherable, with the help of Ellis’ inimitable illustrations, of course.


“Rup Furt!”

Like her last book, Home, this book is very large in size and offers lovingly detailed illustrations. The group of very well dressed insects marvel at new plant life, build a tree house, experience loss, and become friends while the reader is invited to observe the changing seasons and their affect on the insects’ forest home.

Ellis’ concept, story, and illustrations are absolutely beautiful and thoroughly engrossing. Everyone should read this book.

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