They All Saw A Cat

Written and illustrated by Brendan Wenzel
Published by Chronicle Books
Ages 6 – 8

Brendan Wenzel’s stunning first solo picture book was named a Randolph Caldecott Honor Book this morning.

The cat walked through the world with its whiskers, ears, and paws…



Each page of Wenzel’s inspired picture book illustrates how different people and animals perceive the cat as he walks through the world. The child sees the cat as the loving creature who wraps himself around a leg to be pet. The dog sees a cat as a tall, thin menace. The fox sees the cat as small, plump prey. And so it goes on… Wenzel exercises his artistic style which changes dramatically from page to page and perspective to perspective. With beautiful pacing and lovely repetition, the text is simple and fun to read aloud and perfectly complements the visual dissonance as the illustrative style shifts vastly with each turn of the page. This book encourages readers to think outside the box and wisely presents the topic of subjectivity.  This is a truly outstanding book and very deserving of the Caldecott Honor.




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