Making Canada Home: How Immigrants Shaped This Country

Written by Susan Hughes
Published by OwlKids
Ages 8 – 12


Making Canada Home: How Immigrants Shaped This Country is a nonfiction book that chronicles immigration in Canada from the earliest European settlers to modern day. Just in time for Canada’s sesquicentennial birthday, this book is an extremely well written and valuable resource for children on the subjects of immigration experience, Canada’s diversity, Canada’s role in various periods of immigration, and how immigrants helped mold our national identity.

Making Canada Home is split into comprehensive chapters that move chronologically through time, from Canada’s first immigrants and First Nations and Inuit people to Canada’s current policies, laws, and statistics on immigration. With first-hand accounts and photographs of a multitude of immigration stories this book is captivating and diverse. The book details the first steps of the Acadians and early Quebecois, early Black settlers and freedom seekers, Chinese immigrants and the emergence of Chinatowns across the country, and the simultaneous entrance of Vietnam War refugees and American men escaping the Vietnam War draft. Making Canada Home gives a well-rounded look at a hundred and fifty years of history.

Susan Hughes highlights Canada’s proud moments of acceptance but is not afraid to address those periods of history where Canada has been less than welcoming of immigrants:

Did you know that people from every single country in the world have made Canada their home? In this book, you’ll read stories about the many people who came to this land and joined with those already here to help make it the vibrant, multicultural country it is today.

Over the centuries, immigrants have come to Canada for a lot of different reasons – to own land, to get work, to escape from poverty or violence, to find adventure, or to reunite with family members already here. Mainly, they all came hoping to build a better life than they could in the country they left behind. And whether they arrived three centuries or three years ago, these newcomers to Cnada have faced the task of making this new, often very foreign, place their home. In the process, they helped shape the country…

Canada’s history is a long and winding narrative of resistance and acceptance, of discrimination and tolerance, of rejection and welcome. It’s a story that’s still being written.

Making Canada Home is an important and emphatic reminder of the necessity and value of keeping our borders open and remaining an asylum for refugees. An engaging, powerful, and necessary read.

If you feel strongly about keeping Canadian borders open you can call, write, or email an MP to express your views.

Contact Justin Trudeau

Contact your Premier

Contact the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship 

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